Wet Jet or Jet Dome
Choose your adventure, Wet Jet or Jet Dome

The WET JET Tour 

Our Wet Jet tour has allowed over 1.5 million guests to enjoy the power and beauty of Niagara's class V whitewater rapids. Experience the thrill of our Hamilton 360 turns, and the excitement of the class V rapids up close!

-You will be absolutely soaked, so please a full change of clothes (undergarments too!)
-Passengers must be at least 44" (112cm) tall.  This is your average 6-year-old.
-All passengers must be able to support their own weight with their arms while seated.
-We do not reserve specific seats on any of our boats.
-You may bring glasses, sunglasses, a hat and a waterproof camera on board.  Putting a camera in a plastic bag does not make it waterproof.
-We will provide all necessary gear to keep you as comfortable as possible, including a certified life jacket and water booties.  If you would like to wear your own shoes or sandals, please ensure that the sandals have a strap that wraps around the back of your ankle.  As the weather dictates, we will also provide ponchos, splash suits and sweaters.  We have sizes to fit most people.


 The Jet Dome follows the exact same route as the Wet Jet tour but keeps our passengers dry!

-Passengers must be at least 40" (102cm) tall.  This is your average 4-year-old.
-All passengers must be able to support their own weight with their arms while seated.
-You may bring a camera on board, but please remember that there is minimal storage on our jet boats.
-We will provide a certified life jacket which is mandatory for this tour.  The pneumatic doors of our Jet Dome will close at all of the right points in the tour to keep you from getting wet, so feel free to bring a camera to record the experience!

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